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Unveiling Elegance: Gene Martino's Sedondon 2024 Campaign

With the Sedondon 2024 Raya Collection on the horizon, Gene Martino and Sevenvault enlisted the help of 9 influential KOLs to spread the word. From fashionistas to trendsetters, these influencers were on a mission to create buzz and ensure that Gene Martino’s latest creations were not to be missed. Despite committing to a media reach of 3,055,529, the campaign exceeded expectations, achieving a remarkable 3,442,389 media reach—a testament to its success and impact.



Creating Buzz for Raya 2024 Collection: The campaign aimed to spark curiosity and anticipation among the target audience by leveraging the influence of KOLs to amplify the message. Through strategic messaging and engaging content, the unveiling of the collection was met with enthusiasm and intrigue.

Driving Traffic to Boutiques: By highlighting the allure of the Raya 2024 Collection, the campaign sought to attract attention to physical retail locations and entice customers to visit. Through compelling KOL postings, the goal was to convert online interest into offline engagement, ultimately driving sales and fostering a deeper connection with the brand.


3,442,389 Media Reach 

9 KOLs Engagement

27 Instagram Postings


Increased Brand Awareness:

Through strategic messaging and engaging content, the campaign succeeded in raising awareness of Gene Martino’s brand and its latest offerings, reaching a wide audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Overachieving Media Reach:

With a 12.66% over-delivery in media reach, the campaign surpassed expectations, reaching even more people than anticipated and maximising its impact.

Collaboration Success with Sevenvault:

The partnership with Sevenvault proved to be fruitful, as their contributions added value to the campaign and helped achieve its objectives in a fun and engaging manner.

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