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Celebrating Connections: Sevenvault Hari Raya Open House 2024 with PAUL Bakery

Against the backdrop of Raya Aidilfitri, Sevenvault and PAUL Bakery orchestrated a delightful gathering at Pavilion Bukit Bintang. Sixty esteemed KOLs added vibrancy to the event, sharing their experiences and spreading the joy of the festive season. Guests indulged in PAUL Bakery’s culinary delights, savouring traditional Raya delicacies and irresistible pastries while engaging in lively conversations.



Create Hype for PAUL Bakery and Appreciate KOLs: The campaign aimed to generate excitement around PAUL Bakery and express gratitude to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) during Hari Raya. By hosting an exclusive Open House, Sevenvault and PAUL Bakery sought to elevate the bakery’s presence and strengthen connections within the influencer community.

Boost PAUL Bakery’s Visibility on Instagram: Through influencer engagement and social media coverage, the campaign aimed to increase PAUL Bakery’s exposure on Instagram. Influencers were encouraged to share their experiences and mention @paul.malaysia, amplifying the brand’s reach and engagement.

Strengthen Relationship with PAUL Bakery: Personalized invitations were extended to influencers, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation between the brand and PAUL Bakery. By creating a memorable event experience, Sevenvault aimed to lay the foundation for future collaborations and partnerships.


17,479,746 Media Reach 

60 KOLs Engagement

247 Instagram Postings


Collaboration with PAUL Bakery:

The partnership with PAUL Bakery resulted in a memorable Hari Raya Open House, blending culinary excellence with warm hospitality.

Influencer Engagement: 

Sixty KOLs shared their experiences on Instagram, generating significant buzz with 231 IG Story mentions, 3 IG Reels, and 13 IG Carousel Photos, amplifying PAUL Bakery’s visibility and engagement.

Media Reach:

The campaign garnered an impressive media reach of 17,479,746, showcasing the effectiveness of the event in elevating PAUL Bakery’s visibility and engagement.

Culinary Delights:

Guests indulged in a sumptuous spread of traditional Raya delicacies and freshly baked pastries, highlighting PAUL Bakery’s commitment to culinary excellence.

Building Relationships:

The event served as a platform to strengthen connections between influencers and PAUL Bakery, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and partnerships.

Join the Festive Flavor Revolution! Reach out to Sevenvault and PAUL Bakery, and let’s cook up something extraordinary together. Celebrate connections, elevate your brand’s presence, and create memorable experiences that resonate with your audience. Contact us now to embark on a journey of culinary delight and meaningful connections.

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