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    First off, we will assign a servicing person to get on a strategy call with you, and once we understand your brand/campaign needs, we will proceed to provide suitable consultation followed by using the 4C method to advise which services you need to hit your objective and maximize your ROI.  Depending on your requirements, we can kickstart a campaign as soon as you’ve signed the deal!

    Once we have received a brief, Sevenvault will craft out a customized proposal with suitable content strategies using the wide range of influencers under our network. You may then select accordingly based on your brand’s objectives, demographic, and budget.

    Once a deal is confirmed, we will proceed to prepare for campaign launch with our 5 step process inclusive of posting direction, planning of timeline, collections of drafts, vetting and approval of drafts, as well as making sure the post goes LIVE correctly and on scheduled timeline. Yep  it is all on us!  Not just that, once the campaign has ended, you will be getting a post-campaign-report with gathered insights, learnings, data and recommendations that will be furnished for reference and usage for the next campaign.

    Yes! In Sevenvault, we work with over 5,000 quality influencers from dozens of niches including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health, fitness, parenting, gaming, cooking and travel – you name it, we got it. Ranging from different tiers be it nano-influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers to A-list celebrities. What’s important is not just which influencers to use, but what content to produce, we got your back!

    Definitely. Our packages are entirely customizable based on your needs. But we do have a minimum buy to kickstart a campaign.

    We have a range of packages that cater to your needs.  Generally, the higher the reach, the more expensive it is. However, reach might not be the only determining factor as there are other factors that will decide your campaign investments such as, the content quality, given timeline, engagement rate etc. Your investment in Sevenvault also covers the end-to-end campaign management cost.

    We measure the success of a campaign based on whether or not we hit your brand’s objectives and goals. The metrics to engage a successful campaign includes but is not limited to the number of reach,  impressions, engagements, along with the total number of deliverables and conversions.

    We are a market leader having been in the industry since 2015, and we have a team of dedicated players that are constantly on our feet looking for what’s best suitable for you. Frankly, it’s always cost vs value. Don’t just listen to us, hear from our clients too! (Check out our testimonial page!)

    Yes! Provided if you use the correct strategy (let us show you some of our case studies)! 

    In Sevenvault, we offer a customized campaign package, which gives smaller brands room to invest without the usual higher-risk associated with marketing investments. That said, there is a minimum threshold that needs to be met to cover the overhead cost of running a campaign. Go ahead and speak to one of us in our team so you may get more insights.

    Yes! Every investment has a ROI. The question is not what, but how much. When you invest in an influencer campaign with us in Sevenvault, you are not just purchasing a shoutout or a piece of content, but rather you are tapping into the relationship that has been build over the span of months if not years! The trick is NOT just about finding influencers to do postings for you, but to craft out a strategy that will work using our 4C methods. An agency like us do more than just getting postings up. Have a chat with us to find out more. We are a fun bunch!

    Yes, of course! Our influencer community is in fact infinite because we work with EVERYONE… and no-one are the same! At our core, we believe in people. Truly, everyone’s an influencer. We even have training programs available for rising and aspiring influencers.