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Finger-Lickin' Success: The KFC Promo Campaign

In partnership with KFC, Sevenvault launched a dynamic campaign to spread the word about the Jimat RM18 promo. With the support of 8 Macro KOLs, boasting substantial followings, we aimed to reach new heights of awareness and engagement. Through compelling storytelling and captivating content, we effectively conveyed the message that KFC aficionados could now enjoy their favourite meals at an unbeatable price.


Introducing the KFC Jimat RM18 Promo: The primary goal was to announce the launch of KFC’s Jimat RM18 promo, exclusively available on the KFC App. This promotion aimed to showcase KFC’s commitment to providing value to its customers by offering budget-friendly options for enjoying their favourite meals.

Promoting App Downloads and Orders: We strategically encouraged our audience to download the KFC App and utilise its features for ordering, whether for pick-up or delivery. By emphasising the convenience and benefits of using the app, such as exclusive promotions and seamless transactions, we aimed to drive user engagement and increase app adoption among KFC enthusiasts.


1,854,442 Media Reach 

8 KOLs Engagement

25 Instagram Postings


Unveiling the Jimat RM18 Promo:

The campaign successfully launched and promoted KFC’s latest offering, providing unbeatable value and savings on favourite KFC meals.

Driving App Engagement:

Emphasising the convenience and benefits of using the KFC App led to increased user engagement and app adoption among KFC fans.

Over-Delivering on Media Reach:

Exceeding the media reach target by 131.81%, the campaign generated widespread awareness and excitement for the Jimat RM18 promo, reinforcing KFC’s position as an industry leader.

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