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Unleashing Success: The Notti Pet Food Brand Launching Event

Welcome to the Notti Pet Food Brand Launching Event Case Study, where we delve into the details of a paw-some collaboration between Notti Pet Food and Sevenvault. This thrilling campaign aimed to unleash excitement and curiosity among pet lovers through strategic partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Join us as we explore how this event exceeded expectations and set a new standard for pet food brand launches.



Securing Free Publicity and Shoutouts through KOLs: Partnering with KOLs aligned with our brand values and target audience allowed us to amplify our message and reach a broader audience through their authentic endorsements and recommendations.

Creating Awareness and Driving Traffic: Through strategic marketing initiatives and compelling content, we aimed to capture the attention of pet owners and enthusiasts, enticing them to explore our products and make purchases through our online platforms.



555,028 Media Reach 

7 KOLs Engagement

25 Instagram Postings


Successful KOL Partnerships:

Securing partnerships with influential KOLs resulted in widespread free publicity and shoutouts for Notti Pet Food. Authentic endorsements effectively reached a broad audience, driving curiosity and interest in our brand.

Impressive Awareness and Traffic Generation: 

The campaign achieved remarkable success in creating awareness and driving traffic to both the Notti Pet Food website and Shopee Official Store. Engaging content captivated pet owners, enticing them to explore our offerings and make purchases.

Exceeded Media Reach Targets:

Surpassing all expectations, the campaign achieved a staggering media reach of 555,028, far exceeding the target of 150,000. This remarkable over-delivery underscores the effectiveness of our approach and the overwhelming interest generated by Notti Pet Food’s brand launch.

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