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Elevating Skincare Sophistication: The Eucerin Haut Institut 2024 Watsons Roadshow

Held against the vibrant backdrop of Sunway Pyramid, the Eucerin Haut Institut 2024 Watsons Roadshow was more than just a showcase—it was an immersive experience. Led by dynamic personalities Neesa and Erissa, attendees were treated to a masterful blend of education and entertainment. With esteemed Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Dato Dr. Noor Zalmy Azizan, guiding the discussions, every attendee left empowered and enlightened.



Promotion of Acne Rescue Masterclass: The primary objective was to generate buzz and excitement around the upcoming Acne Rescue Masterclass. Attendees were encouraged to mark their calendars and prepare for an enriching experience filled with valuable skincare insights.

Encouraging Registration: The focus was on driving registrations for the Acne Rescue Masterclass to ensure interested individuals didn’t miss out on expert knowledge and guidance.

Insightful Sharing Session:  The highlight of the event was the sharing session led by Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Dato Dr. Noor Zalmy Azizan, alongside KOLs Neesa Sodirman and Erissa Puteri. Attendees delved into comprehensive skincare knowledge, debunked myths, and learned effective strategies for tackling acne-related concerns.


2,130,512 Media Reach 

2 KOLs Engagement

9 Instagram Postings


Engagement with Influential Personalities: 

The involvement of Mega KOLs and an Emcee added star power, attracting a larger audience and enhancing engagement.

Promotion of Innovative Product: 

The launch of the ProACNE Solution 3x Treatment Gel to Foam Cleanser generated excitement, showcasing Eucerin’s commitment to innovation.

Educational Workshops: 

The Acne Rescue Masterclass positioned Eucerin as a trusted authority in skincare, offering attendees unique insights from a Senior Consultant Dermatologist.

Insightful Sharing Sessions:

Personal testimonials added authenticity, resonating with audiences and showcasing real-life results.

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