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Unveiling Success: The Sincere Match Group x Sevenvault SM Toys PR Seeding Campaign

In collaboration with Sincere Match Group, Sevenvault embarked on an exclusive journey to reveal the highly anticipated SM Toys Collection Box. With a curated lineup of 18 PR KOLs, boasting substantial followings, we sparked excitement and fascination from December 2023 to February 2024. Our objective was clear: to drive enthusiasts to explore the exquisite range of SM Toys available at their nearest retail outlets. With a committed media reach of 180,000, we soared beyond expectations, achieving an astonishing 413.21% over-delivery.



Increasing Awareness of SM Toys Variety: Shedding light on the wide array of toys available within the SM Toys collection was our primary aim. Through engaging content and captivating visuals, we ignited curiosity and excitement among our audience, encouraging them to explore the extensive variety of toys available.

Promoting In-Store Visits: By highlighting the unique features and benefits of each toy, we aimed to inspire our audience to visit their nearest retail location. Whether it’s the tactile experience of browsing shelves or the thrill of discovering new favorites in person, we were passionate about encouraging our followers to step into their local stores and immerse themselves in the world of SM Toys.



923,776 Media Reach 

18 KOLs Engagement

54 Instagram Postings


Drive to Retail Stores:

Our strategic efforts to promote in-store visits yielded remarkable results. By emphasizing the unique features and benefits of SM Toys, we motivated our followers to visit their nearest retail outlets. This initiative not only increased foot traffic but also provided an immersive experience for customers to explore and interact with the toys firsthand.

Surpassing Awareness Goals: 

With a committed focus on increasing awareness, we surpassed our targets by effectively reaching and engaging our target audience. Through compelling storytelling and impactful messaging, we successfully elevated the profile of SM Toys, solidifying its position as a go-to destination for toy enthusiasts.

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