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Igniting a Movement: ANTA Running Series Campaign

Welcome to the ANTA Running Series Campaign, where style meets performance in the world of running! In collaboration with Sevenvault, we are excited to introduce the ANTA A-TRON 3 Running Shoe, designed to revolutionize your running experience. Join us as we dive into the details of this dynamic campaign and discover how we sprinted towards success in the running community.


Introducing the ANTA A-TRON 3 Running Shoe Launch: Our primary goal is to introduce Panasonic’s Eneloop and Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries as cutting-edge solutions in sustainable energy. By highlighting their superior performance and longevity, we aim to spark interest and excitement among consumers seeking eco-conscious alternatives to traditional disposable batteries.

Engaging Influencers for Awareness: We partnered with influential personalities in the fitness and running community to maximize exposure and generate buzz around the ANTA Running Series. Through authentic endorsements and engaging content, influencers effectively communicated the benefits and performance of the ANTA A-TRON 3 Running Shoe, driving awareness and interest among their followers.

Driving Traffic and Promotion: Through targeted promotions and shout-outs, we encouraged consumers to visit stores to experience the ANTA A-TRON 3 Running Shoe firsthand. Additionally, we leveraged social media channels to promote the upcoming running event in February, creating excitement and anticipation among running enthusiasts.



398,940 Media Reach 

4 KOLs Engagement

27 Instagram Postings


Successful Launch:

The campaign kicked off with the highly anticipated introduction of the ANTA A-TRON 3 Running Shoe, marking a significant milestone in the running community.

Influencer Engagement:

Leveraging influential personalities, the campaign increased awareness of the ANTA Running Series, sparking interest and excitement among followers.

Traffic and Promotion:

Strategic promotions drove traffic to physical stores and enhanced online presence across social media platforms, generating anticipation and excitement for the brand.

Ready to hit the ground running with your brand’s success? Let’s lace up and partner up! Contact us now to turbocharge your brand’s journey to the top with the ANTA Running Series. Together, we can ignite a movement towards excellence in running and inspire athletes to reach new heights of performance and style.

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