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What was the most recent video you watched, and how long did it take you to lose interest?

Most likely, the response is “not very long.” Our attention spans are dwindling, and according to Microsoft Corp. study, users now lose focus after 8 seconds, as opposed to 12 seconds in 2000.

We are just overwhelmed with digital information on an almost daily basis, which is one of the main causes of this. This condition of information overload has also been greatly influenced by the explosive growth in mobile usage over the past two decades.

We can now search, send, read, watch, skim, and listen to material at a fast pace because of smartphones. TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter are just a few examples of social media sites that have designed their platforms to grab our attention and keep us browsing while continuously supplying us with information. And the pandemic just made our excessive screen time worse. It’s safe to assume that we digest a lot of information every day.

So how can we take advantage of users’ continually declining attention spans? How can you produce content that your viewers remember? We’ll go into more detail about the advantages of short-form video content, how it differs from long-form, and how you can utilize both in your marketing plan to advance your brand and business.

Content in short vs. long form

What are the differences between short and long-form video content? There is no absolute definition here, however Google’s definition is a decent place to start:

“Long-form videos last more than 10 minutes, and short-form videos last less than 10.”

However, this seems a little excessive given that platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels frequently use videos that are only a few seconds long and that 50% of TikTok users find videos longer than 60 seconds to be “stressful.”

Short-form is ultimately defined by the platform you utilize and the audience you are trying to reach.

Why use long-form video content?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that long-form video is still relevant before we discuss all the advantages of short-form video. Videos that are longer than a few minutes provide a number of advantages:

1. It’s fantastic for building relationships. Lots of broken short-form videos make it difficult to build a genuine relationship with your audience, but longer-form videos help you develop your personality and construct a connection with your audience.

2. Excellent for search engine optimization (SEO). Long video often benefits SEO more than shorter-form content.

3. Long-form information aids in making an impact that sticks. You’ll be able to share a lot more information to your viewers if you can hold their interest during a long-form video, ensuring that they remember and regard your brand as a reliable and authoritative source.

4. It offers you the room and time to craft a compelling story. The power of storytelling in marketing and relationship-building is to make audiences want to learn even more from you.

Why use short-form video content?

As we previously noted, short-form video content is ideal for today’s media users due to their shorter attention spans. Short-form video has other benefits besides the fact that its bite-sized format is considerably easier to consume and can attract a click more easily than a long-form video. Other advantages include the following:

1. Through a series of little steps, short-form video gradually raises awareness. Long-form video can benefit from this addition. Short-form video is a fantastic technique to gradually bake yourself into your audience’s thoughts and develop a connection since connections are naturally established through a huge number of brief occurrences.

2. It works great on social media. On some social media sites, such as YouTube and blogs, long-form videos may be effective, but short-form videos are considerably more suitable. In fact, if your video is longer than a particular duration, many sites won’t even let you submit it. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn were all primarily designed for short-form video content.

3. Ads do well with short-form video. Ads are by nature succinct and to the point. You can’t reasonably anticipate a brand-new customer to read your advertisement for more than a minute or two (and even that is kind). To make the most of that window of opportunity, short-form video enables you to fit a few more seconds of dynamic material into your advertisements.

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    Tips on maximizing the potential of short-form video

    Therefore, how can you produce the greatest short videos? Here are some pointers:

    1. Draw interest right away. Keep in mind that viewers have very short attention spans, so make sure your video is interesting, unique, dynamic, and engaging enough to grab their attention and hold it for a few seconds.

    2. Ensure simplicity. You don’t have much time, therefore cut out any extraneous material from your videos and focus just on that one important idea.

    3. Shave off lengthier videos. You don’t always need to make short-form videos from the start; you can just cut up your longer videos into smaller pieces and use those as the basis for a new video.

    4. Post during the ideal times. Schedule your videos to go live at the times when your audience is most engaged on each platform. Remember to monitor your progress over time and make adjustments for the greatest outcomes.

    5. Hire a video production company. While you can certainly produce excellent short-form video content on your own, outsourcing to a professional video production saves time and gives you access to a knowledgeable staff with state-of-the-art tools.

    At Sevenvault, we can help you to engage with your audience, strengthen your presence across all platforms, and expand your business by developing and publishing the strategically best video content for your brand.


    We are also capable of producing both long-form and short-form video content. To begin working on your upcoming video production, get in contact with us right now.

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