Asset 5

Sevenvault x Shopback Epic 630 Campaign

There were 3 primary objective to be achieved in this campaign:

1. Increase sales on ShopBack on 20th of every month.
2. Introduce the exciting EPIC campaign at ShopBack.
3. Educate followers on how to use ShopBack.


905,254 media reach
23,581 total likes from Instagram feed postings

1,070 link clicks from Instagram Stories

35.71% over-delivered on Instagram Stories


There were three different deliverables used for the campaign to create a big buzz on Instagram – Instagram photo postings, Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories.

For the Instagram photo postings, we asked influencers to wear the brand that participated with Shopback. Then, we used the caption to educate the followers that they can get real cash from the purchases using Shopback.

With Instagram Reels, we got influencers to do a transition video to show what are the brands that participated with Shopback. We used the same mechanism for the caption like the feed postings.

Lastly with Instagram Stories, we got influencers to insert their designated link to encourage and remind their followers to make their next purchases through ShopBack during Epic 620 to get more cashback and rewards. By using their link to sign up, they’ll get a RM5 cash back too!