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Sevenvault x
Garage 51 & Oh Cha Matcha

There were 3 primary objective to be achieved in the retainers:

1. To maintain the top of mind awareness of Garage 51 and Oh Cha Matcha as everyone’s go-to cafe places.
2. To create awareness of the ongoing promotion and new releases of product.
3. To maintain the noise of Garage 51 and Oh Cha Matcha in the social media sphere.


541,903 media reach
51 Instagram Story mentions

361.3% over-delivered on media reach

628.6% over-delivered on Instagram Story mentions


Sevenvault is engaged by – as the preferred influencer marketing partner that takes care of the influencer engagement portfolio of Garage 51 and Oh Cha Matcha.

The monthly commitment includes the invitations of 15 pax influencers to enjoy a dining experience each at Garage 51 and Oh Cha Matcha, with a promised delivery of minimum 7 Instagram mentions where influencers will share their experience and moments that they share with their friends & family at Garage 51 or Oh Cha Matcha on their respective social media.

Overall, the influencers loved the food and drinks! They do love the interior, ambient and environment. Many of them would love to recommend this place to their friends.

If you want to collaborate with us on a similar campaign, book a slot with our sales team below to discuss further!

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