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Use your Instagram insights well!

Instagram Insights allows you to get access to important user engagement data for your business profile. It’s not just enough to know the amount of likes you get. It’s important to understand your audience too.

What is Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights is a feature that allows Instagram Business Account users to see analytics related to their profile and posts. From this data, you’ll be able to identify what your audience likes and engages with the most to improve your Instagram strategy.

Why use Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights tells you how your followers do things, what they prefer, and who they are. You can certainly make business decisions based on gut feeling, but you’re much more likely to hit the mark when you can validate assumptions with cold, hard facts.

Data and analytics help you measure the impact of your marketing efforts across different channels to see if there’s something you need to do differently — like target a different audience, post at a certain time of day, or experiment with a new content format.

Social media isn’t any different from other aspects of your marketing in the sense that it can be measured and improved upon. That’s why you’ll be able to create a more effective Instagram strategy using Instagram Insights.

So, start analysing that data and determine what’s working for your audience (and what’s not.) From there, you can now upload your content at the “right” time so you can get the MOST engagement out of your followers! 

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