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A guide to Instagram Video Aspect Ratio

Instagram recently has made a couple of updates, so we’ve got your back in terms of all the latest video ratios for you to take note!

Aspect ratio 4:5

This is the most straight-forward ratio that we’ve been using for all our Instagram feed videos or Carousel posts. The ratio still remains for these two after the updates. You’re still allowed to post with 16:9 (horizontally) or 1:1 (square) if you want for Instagram feed videos. You can’t mix and match ratios though if you’re doing a Carousel post, so pick one only!

Aspect ratio 9:16

This is when it gets very tricky. Instagram has many different ways for you to upload your videos. The easiest way to remember is: if it’s not an Instagram feed video or Carousel post, everything else is 9:16. This includes your Stories, IGTV, reels and live videos.


Due to the recent update, IGTV deserves its own mention. It’s the trickiest when it comes to video resolution. In the recent update, all videos (from reels to IGTV) would now appear on your profile grid once uploaded. It’ll also of course appear on the IG feed. This is why you need to take note of the resolutions.

When editing your video, make sure it’s a 9:16 ratio but your content must be in a safe zone of 4:5 ratio. This is the size ratio of your video when it appears on everyone’s Instagram feed. Users are able to preview your IGTV on their feed, and 4:5 is the ratio they’ll be seeing.


While editing, you want to make sure all your wordings or subtitles are in the safe zone of 4:5 ratio so nothing important would be cut out if they’re watching it on their feed. If they go full screen, that’s when they’ll see your entire 9:16 ratio video.



When it comes to the thumbnail, the final ratio you upload has to be 9:16. However, make sure your content fits within the 1:1 ratio because it will be the only part visible on your profile grid, while the 9:16 version is visible on the video column.

Are you clearer now with all the video ratios for Instagram? Feel free to explore around and it will get less confusing overtime for sure. Let’s finger-cross that the next update would be easier and less confusing for all of us. Have fun creating content!


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