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Instagram is experimenting with a new full-screen Home feed that includes more video content recommendations. Posts in the main feed will take up the majority of the screen, similar to TikTok, and users will need to swipe up to go on to the next post.

In addition to this huge UI overhaul, Instagram has also added more suggested content to the Home feed, especially Instagram Reels. So, what does this mean for Instagram’s future, and how can you adjust your content strategy to avoid a significant decline in engagement?

Without a doubt, this development ushers in a new era for Instagram. The new full-screen Home feed does exactly what Instagram’s Head, Adam Mosseri, has hinted at for months. It brings the app’s suggested video content front and centre. While static picture posts from your following and favourites lists will still be accessible via dedicated drop-down tabs, we’ll see far fewer of them on the default Home feed.

It also raises the question of where Instagram Stories will dwell as the platform matures. Mosseri has discussed a “simplified experience” on the app, and with the new full-screen style, integrating Stories into the Home feed (much like TikTok Stories) appears to be a possibility. If you’re unsure on how this could work, take a look at how TikTok Stories are displayed.

Instagram is about to become a lot more like TikTok, with a stream of suggested video content at the heart of the app.

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    This is a significant shift for everyone who works in social media, regardless of how you slice it. Including Instagram Reels in your plan is more important than ever before for increasing reach and engagement on the platform. From 2020 to 2022, Later looked at nearly 81 million Instagram feed posts (excluding Reels) and found that the average interaction rate for photos dropped by 38%, from 3.57 percent to 2.23 percent. However, accounts that have been using Reels since its launch have witnessed a boost in overall reach and interaction.

    The takeaway: it's time to join Reels if you want to be successful on Instagram in 2022.

    Watch this video from Instagram’s official @creators account if you’re still not convinced:

    The message is clear: Instagram Reels are the preferred format.

    Fortunately, you don’t need a big-budget video production company to make fantastic Instagram Reels. It may be as simple as layering many photos to the beat of an audio clip. What are your thoughts on Instagram’s redesigned full–screen Home feed? You can still have a lot of success on Instagram with the appropriate plan – it’s all about changing with the platform.

    If you’re unsure how to plan your brand or company’s social media marketing, fret not, our business team is ready to guide you! So, schedule a free strategic call with us today to find out more what’s best for your brand/company.

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