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Influencer Marketing: Why use an agency? Here are the 3 reasons


Influencer Marketing is one of the top rising industries in this decade. More and more people seek leisure on social media each day, and statistic shows that Malaysians averagely spend almost 3 hours per day on social media. Hence, influencers became a new platform for brands to share their stories.

You might think, “Great, now I just need to DM the influencers to get them to post a picture for our brand!” Sure, you can do that, but let us bring you through the 3 reasons why using an agency is the better option.

1. We have the contacts

Usually, the influencers will have flooding messages in their DM. The chances of the influencer missing out or on your message is high. Over the years of running an agency, we have collected over thousands of contact details from the influencers. We can practically save your time and “skip the queue” to contact them directly!

2. Trustworthiness

While there are also scammers around on social media, influencers might feel safer and more confident to say yes to a job that was approached by an agency. Not to mention we have already built solid relationship with many of the influencers out there. They know they can trust us, and we know we can trust them too.

3. It's literally our job

At the end of the day, there is a demand in the industry, hence there are people (like us) who are specialized in it. We have the experience – we know the process, we know the requirement, and we know which influencer is best suited to tell your brand story.

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