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3 recent Instagram updates as of October 2021

They say “The Only Constant in Life Is Change.” And we think that Instagram live up to that pretty well. Here are some of the recent updates and new features that we caught!


You may have noticed the little new button on your Instagram profile now. It’s a new Instagram update that combines all your IGTV and videos into the same column. It helps content creators to easily overview all your videos. But Reels remains a category of its own.

"Add Yours" Chain Story

Even though this feature is only available for a few selected users to create the “sticker” on their IG story, everyone who came across this sticker will still be able to participate in the chain. Who knows, this might be something with great publicity potential when done well! Now we just need to wait for it to be available for more users.

COLLAB Function

Before you publish a post, you may find “Invite Collaborator” in your “Tag People” button. The post will then be shared to both accounts’ followers and profile grid. This function would definitely help to gain more exposure than before. How cool is that?

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