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Revamping Your Instagram Strategy: Adding Value in the Age of Overselling

In the fast-paced world of Instagram, where every scroll leads to a new product pitch, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to capture and retain your audience’s attention. In this week’s Insights and Trends article, we’ll explore the evolving Instagram landscape and offer fresh strategies to break away from the monotonous ad-driven content. Plus, discovering how partnering with Sevenvault can help you navigate these changes and keep your audience engaged.

The Current State:
Overselling and Diminishing Engagement

As Instagram continues to grow, so does the saturation of overtly promotional content. Users are bombarded with an endless stream of products and services, leaving them fatigued and disengaged. The result? Lackluster views, low engagement, and a disinterested audience.

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    Reinventing Your Instagram Strategy

    Playful Bio and Brand Persona: Start by revamping your Instagram bio. Move away from the typical taglines and opt for something playful and relatable. For instance, “We have the passion for fashion” or “Skinny jeans give us the ick.” This immediately sets a more casual and engaging tone for your brand.

    Choose a Face for Your Brand: Consider selecting a relatable and charismatic individual to represent your brand. Having a recognizable face creates a deeper connection with your audience. Think of it as having a brand ambassador who embodies your brand’s personality and values.

    Lifestyle-Focused Content: Shift your content strategy from product-centric to lifestyle-focused. Use your chosen brand ambassador to take your audience behind the scenes, almost like a TV show. Share humorous moments from the office and store, giving viewers a genuine glimpse into your brand’s culture.

    Education and Entertainment: Instead of pushing products, educate your audience. Share the latest fashion trends, fashion hacks, and styling tips for various occasions, such as festivals and events. Mix in quirky and entertaining content, like having a guy style a girl and vice versa, but keep it light-hearted and fun.

    Avoid Boosting Videos: Resist the urge to boost your videos. While it might seem like a quick way to gain visibility, it often harms your engagement and overall reach. Focus on organic growth and building a community of engaged followers.

    The Instagram landscape is evolving, and to stay relevant, you must adapt. The days of incessant selling are over. It’s time to connect on a deeper level, entertain, and educate your audience. By partnering with us at SEVENVAULT, you can navigate these changes with confidence.

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