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Enchanting Product Launch for Kate Spade's Chérie Fragrance

In a world where first impressions matter, Kate Spade entrusted us with the task of introducing their latest masterpiece – “Chérie” by Kate Spade, a captivating fragrance designed exclusively for women. To unveil this enchanting scent, we embarked on a strategic campaign featuring three Macro Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) with over 100,000 followers each. But our mission didn’t stop there. In true Sevenvault fashion, we added an extra layer of allure by taking charge of the Kate Spade Chérie PR Kit packaging and seeding process, targeting not only 18 KOLs but also engaging with nine influential media publishers. The PR Kits we meticulously crafted included a delightful gift basket, a taste of Paris with a sumptuous dessert, and a bouquet of fresh flowers.


At the heart of this campaign lay a central objective – to create a buzz that would resonate across the fragrance industry and beyond. By strategically sending the new Chérie fragrance to influencers and media publishers, Kate Spade aimed to leverage their reach and influence. Our goal was to amplify the visibility of this elegant scent among their vast followers and audiences. By doing so, we sought to generate excitement, cultivate interest, and enhance the likelihood of the fragrance being discovered and praised by influential voices in the industry. Additionally, Kate Spade aimed to secure positive reviews, mentions, and coverage from these influencers and media publishers, further elevating the brand’s reputation and desirability within its target audience.


5,724,999 Media Reach 

3 KOLs Engagement

22 Instagram Posting

PR Gifting to 21 Macro KOLs & 9 Media



Tell a Compelling Story:
Storytelling is a potent tool in capturing an audience’s attention. For the launch of “Chérie” by Kate Spade, we wove a captivating narrative around the fragrance. We highlighted its alluring top notes of Raspberry, Mandarin Orange, and Red Currant, paired with delicate middle notes of Sweet Pea and Jasmine, and anchored by the warm base notes of Musk and White Woods. To reinforce the brand message, we curated PR kits that contained a gift basket symbolizing luxury, a Parisian dessert invoking romance, and a bouquet of flowers embodying elegance and grace.

Think Creatively:
In a sea of generic perfume samples, we opted for an unconventional approach by crafting special PR gift sets. These unique sets not only set “Chérie” apart from the ordinary but also left an indelible mark on the recipients, fostering a sense of exclusivity and wonder.

Select the Right KOLs:
Choosing the right KOLs is paramount. We meticulously selected influencers who epitomized the essence of “Chérie” – femininity, confidence, and sophistication. Their alignment with these values helped people connect with the brand on a personal level.

These strategies, as proven through our partnership with Kate Spade, serve as a wellspring of inspiration for your future product launch events.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of enchantment for your brand?

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