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“The 2022 ROI report” published by Nielsen, provides information on the top 20 advertisers and industry spenders across important media in 10 regions in Asia Pacific during the first half of 2022.

The typical brand in the world allocates 3.8% of its earnings back towards advertising. The majority of brands reinvest between 1.4% into the top five media channels (digital display, search, digital, video, social, and TV) and 9.2% of their sales into media.

According to the report, new media can help brand awareness increase by more than 70% after exposure to advertisements.

Brand awareness can increase by up to 71% with podcast advertisements, 80% with influencer marketing, and 82% with branded content.

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    Underspending is a key challenge, the report revealed. 50% of the planned media channel investments were insufficient to generate the maximum return on investment (ROI). 52% was discovered to be the median under-investment level, a large gap that most businesses won’t be able to close in a single planning cycle.

    Plans were underinvested in digital video, display, social, and TV mediums, respectively, to the extent of 66%, 60%, 43%, and 31%.

    According to the study, only 63% of ads across desktop and mobile devices in the United States targeted the right age and gender. This indicates that over 40% of ad expenditure is wasted in the channels with the most thorough data coverage and quality.

    The more specific the target audience is, the harder it is to reach them. The likelihood of reaching a target audience of 18 to 34-year-olds is six times in ten. That percentage falls to a third if only men in that demographic are of interest.

    “In today’s complicated and congested media world, audiences have access to more content across more channels than ever before,” according to Arnaud Frade, head of commercial growth for Nielsen Asia-Pacific. “Businesses need trustworthy advertising intelligence to create effective media plans and set themselves apart from competitors if they want to stay ahead.”

    According to Nielsen's ROI Report, media spending must account for between 1% and 9% of sales in order to remain competitive.

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