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Treatz 2022 New Launch Campaign

There were 3 primary objective to be achieved in the retainers:

1. Increase brand awareness, customers loyalty and increase order and acquisitions.
2. Enhance brand personality through meaningful and creative social media content.
3. To be customers’ top of mind potato chips brand, boost brand perception and drive eventual acquisitions through influencer marketing.


1,606,922 media reach
212,476 Instagram Reels views



KOLs were engaged to be a Treatz promoter for a day. In their IG Reels, KOLs showed footages of their day and share their experience and challenges as a Treatz Promoter. KOLs also had to fulfill a challenge which is “Crunch Challenge” among the KOLs and together with the shoppers.


The KOLs enjoyed their experience as a ‘promoter’ for a day and had a lot of fun engaging with the shoppers. Some followers of Shafique and Zaki purposely went to the location of the KOLs  after watching their IG stories.

ALL the KOLs love this new Treatz Potato Chips and admire the quality at its given price point. They mentioned that they will purchase again and look forward to more campaigns with Treatz in the future.

The Giveaway contest has garnered a lot more comments, and has increased the engagement rate of the KOLs Instagram Reel posting. This contest also allowed more people to know more about Treatz.

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