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Nurturing Parenthood: The Nesting Place Confinement Centre New Launch Campaign

Step into the world of parenthood with Sevenvault’s successful influencer content marketing campaign for The Nesting Place Confinement Centre’s official launch event. Held at The Grounds @ Mahsa Avenue, this memorable day celebrated the journey of pregnancy and beyond, offering mothers and expectant mothers a holistic experience enriched with Malaysian culture, traditions, and top-notch confinement care services.


Increase Awareness and Positioning: Elevate awareness of The Nesting Place as a premier destination for prenatal and postnatal care, emphasizing unique offerings.

– Drive Engagement and Education: Foster engagement by providing valuable insights through expert-led sessions, talks, and clinics on postpartum communication and childbirth.

– Community and Relationship Building: Facilitate a supportive community for mothers through networking opportunities and activities, establishing The Nesting Place as a hub for parenthood support.



502,536Media Reach 

6 KOLs Engagement

51 Instagram Postings



Strategic Niche KOL Curation:

Meticulously curated niche KOLs who are mothers or mothers-to-be, ensuring tailored and impactful outreach.

Precision in KOL Shoutouts:

Crafted a strategy placing The Nesting Place in the spotlight through authentic storytelling, generating buzz, and extending reach.

Comprehensive End-to-End KOL Campaign Management:

Employed a strategic approach from identification to performance analysis for campaign success.

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