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PAUL Bakery's #Pinktober Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness

In a delicious fusion of flavors and purpose, PAUL Bakery celebrated #Pinktober in a uniquely vibrant way. They introduced October Specials, including Limited Edition Heart-shaped Macarons, Raspberry Tartlets, Strawberry Sugar Tarts, Raspberry Éclairs, and Strawberry Chocolate Croissants. Each delectable item embodied a blend of colors, tastes, and commitment. PAUL Bakery pledged to donate RM1 for every pink product sold to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia, reinforcing their support for #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth.

The campaign culminated in a special event where KOLs came together to show their solidarity with the cause. During this event, a BCWA Malaysia representative shared insights and awareness about breast cancer. The KOLs were also given the opportunity to undergo a breast checkup in a private setting, emphasizing the importance of early detection.


– Create and maintain awareness about PAUL Bakery’s new menu, introduced in line with Pink October.

– Cement PAUL Bakery’s status as the preferred dining destination.

– Actively promote PAUL Bakery’s unique Pink October menu, highlighting its range of pink-themed dishes and beverages that support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


775,776 Media Reach 

16 KOLs Engagement

94 Instagram Postings


Social Responsibility Integration:

PAUL Bakery demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by integrating it into the campaign. This move extended the impact of the campaign beyond marketing, making a positive difference in the community with the help of KOLs.

Influencer Management and Engagement:

Sevenvault effectively partnered with 16 KOLs for the Pink October dine-in event, each donning pink attire to amplify the vibrancy of the campaign.

Content Strategy:

Sevenvault developed a robust content strategy that empowered KOLs to create engaging and shareable content, focusing on unique pink-themed offerings, such as heart-shaped macarons and raspberry tartlets.

PAUL Bakery’s #Pinktober campaign successfully combined culinary creativity with a noble cause, reinforcing the power of influencer marketing in creating positive social impact.

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