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CHAGEE Big Big Cup in Malaysia & Halal Certified Celebration

CHAGEE, known for “Meet Tea and Friends,” set its sights on elevating brand recognition throughout Malaysia. The stage was set at the W Hotel, offering attendees a breathtaking view of KLCC against the evening skyline, accompanied by a cup of CHAGEE tea. It was a premium, relaxed affair, underlining the essence of CHAGEE’s Big Big Cup as a signature event.

This gathering also doubled as a platform to launch the Nationwide Big Big Cup Tear & Win event, on the horizon. Additionally, it was a momentous occasion to celebrate CHAGEE’s official halal certification. Sevenvault’s role was pivotal, engaging premium KOLs to magnify CHAGEE’s presence on social media. These KOLs were entrusted with the task of savoring CHAGEE Tea, expressing their preference, and unveiling the delights of the Big Big Cup event.


– To herald the Nationwide Big Big Cup Tear & Win event.

– To amplify CHAGEE’s brand recognition across Malaysia.

– To celebrate CHAGEE’s official halal status.


7,157,344 Media Reach 

90 KOLs Engagement

277 Instagram Postings


Mobilizing in Record Time:

With less than 2 days of preparation, the Sevenvault team sent out over 800 invitations, resulting in a remarkable turnout of 90 KOLs at the W Hotel event. It was a triumph of efficiency and organization.

Impressive Exposure and Engagement:

The presence of 90 KOLs translated into a substantial amount of exposure and engagement. The 277 Instagram mentions and a media reach of 7,157,344 signify that the event resonated widely across social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, significantly boosting brand awareness.

Dedicated Team Effort:

A dedicated team of more than 10 Sevenvault members actively managed KOLs, represented CHAGEE, built relationships, and captured essential footage. This concerted effort amplified mentions and broadened the event’s reach. Positive feedback from KOLs underscored the event’s success, acknowledging its well-hosted and well-organized nature, perfect for capturing and sharing on social media platforms.

CHAGEE’s brand recognition soared, and we’re excited to be part of its journey. If you have a new product launch or event on the horizon, our team is ready to offer a complimentary consultation and guide you toward success. Reach out through our website, and let’s make your upcoming project a resounding hit!

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