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Amplifying the Grand Opening of Common Man Coffee Roasters Desa Sri Hartamas

Common Man Coffee Roasters, a renowned culinary destination, teamed up with Sevenvault as their Influencer Marketing Partner for the grand opening of their Desa Sri Hartamas establishment. While there was no predefined number of influencers, Sevenvault went above and beyond, extending the invitation to an impressive lineup of 32 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).


The objective was clear: to keep the buzz and awareness of Common Man Coffee Roasters Desa Sri Hartamas alive and thriving in the social media universe, using the influential voices of the KOLs. The overarching goals were to maintain top-of-mind awareness as the go-to dining destination, raise the curtain on the Grand Opening, and sustain Common Man’s digital presence.


2,079,479 Media Reach 

32 KOLs Engagement

120 Instagram Postings


Two Unique Sessions:

The grand launch was designed to deliver an unforgettable experience in two distinctive parts:

Morning Chill Session: Inviting Malay KOLs, this session exuded a relaxed and laid-back vibe. KOLs had the exclusive opportunity to interact with and take home the fresh ingredients that adorned their tables, from pineapples to vegetables and mushrooms.

Nighttime Party Session: As the sun dipped below the horizon, the evening session emerged as a vibrant celebration. Welcoming Chinese, Indian, and other prominent KOLs, it was a night of revelry, music, and dancing. The atmosphere shifted from calm to electric, making it a night to remember.

Fun with Tumblers: Common Man Coffee Roasters’ unique tumblers took center stage. KOLs were treated to tumblr drawing activities, enabling them to unleash their artistic flair. The morning session featured a creative marker pen session, while the evening session included the tumblers in the gift bags.

Choosing the Right KOLs: KOL selection was a meticulous process. Malay KOLs perfectly matched the laid-back ambiance of the morning session, while the evening session radiated energy and vibrancy. This session welcomed Chinese, Indian, and other KOLs, ensuring a dynamic and lively atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of the night.

Beyond the Ambiance: A Gala of Entertainment:

The event was packed with exciting activities to keep KOLs entertained and engaged:

24x Drum Performance: The event commenced with a captivating 24x drum performance right in front of the store, setting the stage in style.

Flash Mobs: KOLs were treated to dynamic flash mobs with dance performances presented by the talented internal Common Man team during both the morning and night sessions.

DJ Blink: DJ Blink took the stage during the night session, ensuring that the party atmosphere never ceased.

Fireworks: The night concluded with a breathtaking fireworks display that illuminated the sky in front of the store.

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