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Crafting Fashion Success: Sevenvault's Sift & Pick Multichannel Campaign

In February 2023, Singapore’s prestigious fashion omnichannel platform, Sift & Pick, marked a significant milestone by launching its inaugural physical store at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur. This momentous achievement signified Sift & Pick’s dedication to enriching the retail experience for Malaysian fashion enthusiasts.

Collaborating with Sevenvault, Sift & Pick embarked on a multifaceted campaign spanning three months from May to July 2023. This case study explores how Sevenvault’s strategic partnership with Sift & Pick amplified brand awareness and drove customer traffic both online and offline.


Sevenvault’s primary objective was to bolster Sift & Pick’s online visibility, attracting more foot traffic to the newly established physical store at Mid Valley Megamall. To achieve this goal, the campaign unfolded in three distinct phases.

1. May Campaign:

  • Elevate brand awareness for Sift & Pick as the ultimate Fashion Bag Destination.
  • Expand the brand’s reach within different markets in Malaysia and engage with diverse audiences.
  • Drive traffic to the e-commerce platform and the physical store at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.


759,023 Media Reach

5 KOLs Engagement
14 Instagram Postings

2. June Campaign:

  • Spotlight the fashion bag pop-up event at The Starhill.
  • Encourage followers to attend the pop-up event.
  • Promote special offers like free gifts with purchases and incentivize subscription to the mailing list for a 15% discount on the first purchase.


5,679,929 Media Reach

15 KOLs Engagement
38 Social Media Postings

3. July Campaign:

  • Highlight the Great Mega Sale, Sift & Pick’s annual mid-year sale featuring significant discounts on star brands.
  • Encourage followers to partake in the Great Mega Sale, both online and offline.


885,304 Media Reach

9 KOLs Engagement
23 Instagram Postings


Strategic Agency Partnership:

Sift & Pick recognized the need for an adept agency partner and chose to collaborate with Sevenvault. This strategic decision proved pivotal in crafting and executing a comprehensive KOL engagement strategy across multiple phases, resulting in extensive media reach and heightened brand awareness.

Multichannel Campaign Success:

Sevenvault harnessed the power of various social media platforms to drive customer traffic both online and offline. Engaging content in the form of Instagram Reels, Carousels, Stories, TikTok, and XHS postings allowed us to resonate with the target audience across multiple channels.

Impressive Results:

Each campaign phase demonstrated remarkable results, with media reach consistently exceeding expectations. Active collaboration with a diverse group of KOLs, ranging from Mega, Macro to Micro, ensured widespread brand exposure and engagement with various segments of the audience.

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