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Johnson & Johnson's Diabesity & Bariatric Surgery Awareness Campaign

Johnson & Johnson’s initiative aimed to challenge common misconceptions about Bariatric Surgery, emphasizing its vital role in improving health outcomes beyond cosmetic concerns. Eight Macro Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) joined forces to amplify the campaign’s message, reaching diverse communities and sparking crucial conversations. The campaign surpassed expectations, achieving an Instagram Media Reach of 1,151,128 and igniting a movement of awareness and understanding.


Spreading Awareness of Diabesity and Bariatric Surgery: Our primary goal was to empower individuals with knowledge about Diabesity and Bariatric Surgery, encouraging proactive steps towards prevention, detection, and management. By highlighting Bariatric Surgery as a viable treatment option, we aimed to improve health outcomes and quality of life for those affected by Diabesity.

Busting Myths About Bariatric Surgery: We aimed to dispel myths surrounding Bariatric Surgery, promoting a nuanced understanding of its medical significance beyond cosmetic outcomes. Through education and awareness, we sought to facilitate informed decision-making among individuals considering this life-changing intervention.

Raising the Profile of Doctors Involved: Our objective was to shine a spotlight on healthcare professionals dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and managing Diabesity and Bariatric Surgery. By celebrating their expertise and contributions, we aimed to inspire trust and confidence among individuals seeking medical guidance and support.

– Highlighting Financial Support for Bariatric and Diabetic Surgery: We focused on informing individuals about available financial assistance programs and resources, ensuring equitable access to Bariatric Surgery. By addressing financial barriers, we aimed to facilitate access to vital medical interventions and promote health equity.




1,151,128 Media Reach 

8 KOLs Engagement

12 Instagram Postings


Empowering Awareness:

Through dynamic storytelling and targeted outreach, we successfully spread awareness of Diabesity and Bariatric Surgery, empowering individuals to take control of their health journey.

Doctor Spotlight: 

We celebrated healthcare professionals for their dedication and expertise, fostering trust and confidence among individuals seeking medical guidance.

Financial Support Focus:

Our campaign illuminated financial assistance programs, ensuring cost would not hinder access to life-changing medical interventions.

Exceeding Reach Goals:

Through strategic partnerships and compelling content, we surpassed reach targets, amplifying our impact and fostering widespread awareness.

Johnson & Johnson’s Diabesity & Bariatric Surgery Awareness Campaign, in collaboration with Sevenvault, stands as a testament to the power of education, empowerment, and collaboration in healthcare. As we continue to drive change and improve lives, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Partner with us today and let’s create impactful campaigns that make a difference in healthcare awareness and accessibility. Together, we can inspire positive change and empower individuals to live healthier, fuller lives. Contact us now to explore collaboration opportunities and embark on a journey of impactful change!

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