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CHAGEE x Estee Lauder 2024: A Flavorful Success Story

The CHAGEE x Estee Lauder 2024 Campaign was a celebration of love, flavor, and excitement. The mission was clear: to captivate audiences and create a buzz around the Tea Brew Love Roadshow. Two vibrant setups adorned in the iconic purple color served as the perfect backdrop for a plethora of engaging activities. Attendees were treated to photobooths, exclusive stickers, and the chance to win coveted Big Big Cups, creating an unforgettable experience at KLCC from January 17th to 21st.


Successful Launch and Awareness Creation: The primary goal was to launch the Tea Brew Love Roadshow and generate awareness among the target audience. Through compelling marketing efforts, we aimed to capture attention, spark curiosity, and build excitement about the collaboration.

Influencer Engagement and Relationship Building: We sought to engage influencers aligned with our brand values to amplify messaging and garner influential endorsements. By nurturing positive relationships, we aimed to extend reach and credibility, effectively communicating the value of the CHAGEE x Estee Lauder collaboration.

– Drive Traffic to the Roadshow: Strategic marketing tactics were employed to attract attendees to the event, creating a buzz and generating excitement around the collaboration. The objective was to drive traffic to the Tea Brew Love Roadshow, ensuring a successful and memorable event experience for all.


13,618,352 Media Reach 

59 KOLs Engagement

140 Instagram Postings


Successful Launch and Awareness Creation:

The campaign effectively launched the Tea Brew Love Roadshow, generating significant awareness among the target audience. Compelling marketing efforts sparked excitement and curiosity, setting the stage for a memorable event experience.

Drive Traffic to the Roadshow: 

Strategic marketing tactics attracted attendees to the event, resulting in a successful turnout and memorable experience. The campaign exceeded expectations, showcasing the power of effective promotion and engagement.

Exceeded Deliverables and Media Reach:

The campaign surpassed committed deliverables, including event attendance and influencer engagement. The impressive media reach amplified the impact of the campaign, reaching a wide audience and leaving a lasting impression.

The CHAGEE x Estee Lauder 2024 Campaign was a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and effective marketing. By infusing love, excitement, and flavor into every aspect of the campaign, Sevenvault created an unforgettable experience for attendees and influencers alike. As you plan your next event or collaboration, trust Sevenvault to bring your vision to life. Reach out now and let’s brew up some excitement together!

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