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Mamee Chef CNY 2024 Campaign: A Fusion of Flavor and Festivity

The Mamee CNY 2024 Campaign was a vibrant celebration of collaboration, flavor, and festivity. At its core was the mission to infuse the Chinese New Year season with excitement, all while introducing consumers to the delicious Mamee Chef Curry Laksa flavor and the exclusive Mamee Chef X 3P bowl. Through the dynamic collaboration with three macro KOLs, the campaign came to life, inspiring countless noodle enthusiasts to join in on the fun.


Bringing Excitement to Consumers: The primary objective was to ignite excitement among consumers through the collaborative effort between Mamee Chef and 3P for the Laksa Mari Ong Mari campaign. By infusing the campaign with energy and enthusiasm, Sevenvault aimed to captivate audiences and create a buzz around the collaboration.

Encouraging Audience Engagement: Another key objective was to encourage audience engagement by promoting the Laksa Mari Ong Mari music video by 3P and driving sales of the exclusive Mamee Chef CNY Bowl. Through strategic marketing efforts and compelling messaging, Sevenvault sought to inspire consumers to listen to the music video and make a purchase, thereby enhancing brand interaction and driving product sales.


526,870 Media Reach 

3 KOLs Engagement

22 Instagram Postings


Exciting Consumer Engagement

The campaign successfully brought excitement to consumers through the collaboration between Mamee Chef and 3P for the Laksa Mari Ong Mari campaign. The vibrant energy and enthusiasm surrounding the collaboration captivated audiences and generated buzz, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

Exceeded Media Reach Goals:

Despite setting a media reach goal of 492,902, the campaign exceeded expectations by achieving an impressive media reach of 526,870. This demonstrated the campaign’s effectiveness in reaching and resonating with a wide audience, amplifying brand visibility and engagement.

Successful Event Activation: 

The #LUCKsamariongmari event held in front of Pavilion was a highlight of the campaign, featuring a jumbo Mamee Chef noodle Cup backdrop and fun activities such as dancing to the 3P music video. The event garnered a successful turnout, further enhancing brand visibility and creating memorable experiences for attendees.

The Mamee Chef CNY 2024 Campaign was a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and celebration. By infusing excitement, flavor, and festivity into the Lunar New Year season, Sevenvault and its partners created an unforgettable experience for noodle lovers everywhere. As you plan your next event, let Sevenvault be your partner in creating something amazing. Reach out today and let’s make your celebration one to remember!

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