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Johnson & Johnson Bariatric Surgery & Diabesity Awareness Project: Inspiring Change through Influence

In a nation where the concept of Bariatric Surgery remains unfamiliar to many, Johnson & Johnson embarked on a mission to enlighten and empower Malaysians. Their Bariatric Surgery & Diabesity Awareness Project, executed by Ethicon, a J&J MedTech company, aimed not only to introduce the concept but to redefine it. Bariatric Surgery, as they emphasized, is not merely about achieving a certain dress size; it’s about reclaiming one’s health, reestablishing a connection with one’s body, and nurturing the path to inner healing.

Eight Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from diverse backgrounds were thoughtfully chosen to lead this charge. These influencers, known for consistently sharing knowledge with their followers, played a pivotal role in dismantling myths and spreading awareness about Bariatric Surgery and Diabesity.


– To raise awareness about Bariatric Surgery and Diabesity, dispelling misconceptions that it’s merely a cosmetic pursuit. The project aimed to underscore the significant health improvements it can bring.

– To introduce the profiles of medical practitioners who specialize in this field, making it easy for followers to reach out for consultations.

– To educate the audience about the availability of financial support, recognizing that insurance often doesn’t cover this life-transforming surgery.


1,151,128 Media Reach 

8 KOLs Engagement

18 Instagram Postings


Phase 1:

Influential KOLs shared short videos discussing body image, linking it to the potential benefits of Bariatric Surgery. The emphasis was on inspiring viewers to embark on a journey toward improved health, and the KOLs provided information and encouraged further exploration of Bariatric Surgery.

Phase 2:

Building upon the foundation laid in Phase 1, the KOLs met with patients who had undergone Bariatric Surgery. Through heart-to-heart conversations, these patients shared their pre- and post-surgery experiences, creating empathy and engagement. The goal was to vividly illustrate the profound impact of Bariatric Surgery on health and quality of life.

Phase 3:

To further educate and motivate the audience, the KOLs conducted informal interview sessions with doctor KOLs specializing in Obesity and Bariatric Surgery. These conversations delved into the health consequences of obesity, existing treatment options, and the advantages of Bariatric Surgery. The insight provided by medical professionals added credibility and inspired viewers to seek professional guidance.

By infusing motivation into content marketing and employing influential KOLs, this three-phase approach not only raised awareness but also inspired action. Johnson & Johnson’s Bariatric Surgery & Diabesity Awareness Project transcended conventional health campaigns, fostering an environment of knowledge, empathy, and empowerment. It’s a testament to the transformative power of influencer-driven education.

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