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Amplifying Product Awareness and Authentic Reviews: Sevenvault's NIVEA KOLs Club Campaign

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, Sevenvault has earned a reputation for crafting impactful campaigns that enhance product awareness and generate genuine user reviews. The NIVEA KOLs Club campaign stands as a testament to Sevenvault’s prowess in curating authentic partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and delivering exceptional results. This case study delves into the key elements and successes of the campaign, highlighting how Sevenvault amplified product awareness and fostered valuable user reviews.


The NIVEA KOLs Club campaign revolved around two primary objectives: to raise product awareness for NIVEA Luminous630’s four key products (serum, day cream, night cream, and eye cream) and to create genuine user reviews through KOL collaborations. With meticulous planning and a handpicked selection of 50 KOLs, Sevenvault embarked on a journey to achieve these goals.


26 million+ Media Reach

393+ Social Media Postings
50+ KOLs & Media Attendance


One of the standout achievements of the NIVEA KOLs Club campaign was the remarkable engagement rates generated by the 50 selected KOLs. On average, these influencers achieved an impressive engagement rate of 19.43%, surpassing the industry benchmark of 5%. This heightened engagement demonstrated the effectiveness of the campaign in capturing the attention and interest of their followers.

Sevenvault ensured the campaign delivered diverse content that resonated with the audience. The KOLs contributed to the campaign with 2 Instagram Reels, 3 Instagram photos, and a plethora of Instagram Stories, TikTok videos, Twitter posts, Facebook updates, and Xiaohongshu posts. This diverse range of content not only showcased the product but also authentically conveyed user experiences and reviews.

Meeting timelines and maintaining alignment with the campaign’s core message were pivotal aspects of the NIVEA KOLs Club campaign. Sevenvault executed all deliverables within the requested timeframe while ensuring that the posted content remained in line with the campaign’s central direction. This meticulous approach enabled the campaign to consistently deliver the key communication message to the target audience.


The NIVEA KOLs Club campaign underscores Sevenvault’s ability to amplify product awareness and foster genuine user reviews through strategic KOL collaborations. With extraordinary engagement rates, massive media reach, and diverse content deliverables, this campaign exemplifies Sevenvault’s commitment to delivering exceptional results.

For potential clients seeking to enhance product visibility, engage with KOLs, and gather authentic user reviews, partnering with Sevenvault promises a journey of success and impactful brand growth in the digital landscape.

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