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A Sensory PR Celebration by
escentials x Sevenvault

escentials, the ultra-luxury omni-retail concept store, joined forces with Sevenvault to create an unforgettable PR event. Discover how Sevenvault elevated the event, increased brand exposure, and engaged with influencers and media platforms to drive success for escentials.


– Increase brand awareness: By engaging with premium influencers and media platforms, escentials aimed to generate buzz around their fragrance products. Influencers and media outlets were strategically selected to ensure they aligned with the brand’s image, allowing for effective reach to target audiences.

– Drive sales: The PR event provided an opportunity for potential customers to sample and experience escentials’ products firsthand. By inviting influencers and media who resonate with the brand’s target audience, the campaign aimed to enhance targeted marketing efforts, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales.


5,499,705 Media Reach

116 Instagram Mentions (Reels, Photos & Stories)
40 KOLs & Media Attendance


Sevenvault played a pivotal role in identifying and inviting premium KOLs and media platforms that aligned seamlessly with escentials’ brand image. By leveraging our expertise in influencer marketing, Sevenvault ensured that the event garnered attention from individuals and media outlets capable of amplifying the fragrance brands’ message.

In collaboration with escentials, Sevenvault meticulously planned and executed the event, leaving no detail untouched. The enchanting ambiance of The Librari @ RuMa Hotel perfectly complemented the captivating fragrances showcased by escentials, creating a sensory experience like no other.

Sevenvault’s commitment to delivering exceptional visual content further elevated the event’s success. A team of photographer and videographer captured stunning photos and video clips, showcasing the luxurious atmosphere and enchanting fragrance collections. These assets serve as valuable marketing materials that can be utilized across various platforms to extend the reach and impact of the event.


escentials’ collaboration with Sevenvault for the PR event exemplified the power of strategic partnerships and innovative event execution. Sevenvault’s expertise in influencer marketing, meticulous planning, and visual content creation resulted in increased brand exposure, heightened engagement, and a memorable experience for attendees.

This case study serves as a testament to Sevenvault’s ability to elevate luxury brands and create impactful campaigns that captivate audiences. By choosing to collaborate with Sevenvault, potential clients can be confident in achieving similar success, driving brand awareness, and creating unforgettable moments for their target customers.

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