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Sevenvault x Tealive
Ramadan Raya 2023

Tealive, a popular Malaysian bubble tea brand, engaged with Sevenvault to create awareness for its new Bang-Bang Bazaar Combo during Ramadan Raya 2023. The brand also aimed to maintain top-of-mind awareness and generate engagement among influencers on social media.

In this case study, we will explore how Tealive’s Ramadan Raya 2023 campaign achieved outstanding results with the help of Sevenvault and three Macro KOLs with a following of 100,000 and above.


1,852,616 Media Reach on TikTok
831,710 Media Reach on Instagram

80x Value-Added Instagram Stories


Our collaboration with Tealive extended beyond content creation and live postings. The Macro KOLs chosen for the campaign also represented the brand and worked together with Tealive to achieve its goals. This approach resulted in a more authentic and effective campaign.

As a leading influencer content marketing agency, Sevenvault has a keen eye for spotting up-and-rising KOLs. For this campaign, we identified Mierul and Imran as promising influencers to collaborate with.

We also proposed Mark O’dea, who has a strong Malay followers base, despite not being a Malay KOL. This decision proved to be effective, as the engagement rate and results were positive.


As Mierul was unable to attend the media launch event, we conducted an Instagram LIVE session from @tealiveasia with him during the event, hosted by our team. Within just 15 minutes of his participation, the view rate increased from 400 to 5,050, showcasing the effectiveness of our collaboration with the Macro KOLs.


The campaign successfully generated a buzz on social media, with most of the followers purchasing the Bang-Bang Bazaar Combo because of the KOLs’ influence. The KOLs’ followers also posted on social media, tagging both Tealive and the KOLs.

All the KOLs were pleased to collaborate with Tealive for the Ramadan Raya 2023 campaign. They went beyond their roles to support the brand and reposted all tagged Instagram stories from their audience who purchased the Bang-Bang Bazaar Combo at Tealive.


Our collaboration with the Macro KOLs proved to be an effective strategy for the campaign. By allowing the KOLs to showcase their authentic style in the content, we were able to create a more positive impact on their audiences.

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