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“How I love being a woman!” is a popular TikTok trend where women share why they love being a woman. The trend involves creators sharing themselves lip-syncing to a line from Netflix’s Anne With an E that goes, “How I love being a woman,” while they list different reasons why they love being a woman.

The reasons given in the videos can range from physical traits like curves and long hair to more personal traits like emotional intelligence and resilience. The trend has become popular on TikTok because it is a positive and empowering way for women to celebrate and embrace their femininity.

The trend has also been adapted in different languages, cultures and subcultures, with variations such as “why I love being a Latina woman,” “why I love being a hijabi woman,” or “why I love being a queer woman.” These variations highlight the intersectional aspects of womanhood and provide a platform for diverse voices to express their experiences and perspectives.

How Does It Relate to International Women's Day?

International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8th every year, is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, as well as to raise awareness about the ongoing struggle for gender equality.

The “How I love being a woman!” TikTok trend is essentially a celebration of femininity and womanhood. It is a way for women to express their pride in being a woman, and to celebrate the unique qualities and experiences that come with it. This empowering trend encourages women to embrace and celebrate their femininity, which has historically been devalued or dismissed in many societies.

This TikTok trend aligns with International Women’s Day on raising awareness about the importance of celebrating and valuing femininity and womanhood. It is a way to join together with other women to celebrate being a woman, and to advocate for greater gender equality and empowerment.

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    Should Your Brands Hop onto the Trend?

    Before we look at the benefits to hopping onto a viral TikTok trend, it’s important for brands to be thoughtful and intentional about their approach to participating in a trend. You should ensure that the trend aligns with your brand values and image, and that the content you create is authentic and engaging. Brands that try to force themselves into a trend or create content that comes across as inauthentic or tone-deaf can actually do more harm than good.

    - You Can Tap into a Wider Audience

    Hopping onto a viral TikTok trend allows your brands to gain more visibility. TikTok is a platform with over a billion active users, and trends on the platform can reach millions of people in a short amount of time. When your brand participates in a trend, you can potentially reach a new audience that you may not have been able to reach through traditional advertising channels.

    - It Humanizes Your Brand

    Participating in a viral TikTok trend can also help to make your brand more relatable to a younger audience. By joining in on the fun and showing a lighter, more playful side, you can connect with consumers on a more personal level. This can help to build brand loyalty and increase engagement with your brand.

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