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#SevenvaultCNY 2023 Lunch

This Chinese New Year, Sevenvault collaborated with EMP KL, Gift UMore and Vases and Candles to bring influencers together. The collaboration includes invitations of 50 pax influencers to celebrate a memorable dining experience at EMP KL, a CNY gift-set from Gift UMore as door gift and backdrop by Vases and Candles. Influencers are free to mention our partners on their respective social media to share about the foods and their experience.


4,745,738 Media Reach

130 IG Stories


It’s part of Sevenvault’s tradition to celebrate each festivity with our influencers. We always love to take this opportunity to collaborate with other brands as well to create noise and hype for them and as a warm hearted regard to KOLs during the festivity from Sevenvault and EMP KL.

Through the collaboration, we can increase the visibility of our brand on Instagram by mentions of influencers.

Sevenvault also did FOUR giveaways with our partners to give back to our followers.

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