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#SevenvaultXmas 2022 Initiative

With Christmas comes a season of goodwill, Sevenvault reflected on this by giving back to the community, by bringing a warm and memorable Christmas to the old folks at Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warga Emas Kenang Budi Kuala Lumpur 爱以德老人之家.


2,898,352 media reach (poster sharing)

700,086 media reach (visitation sharing)


This Christmas, Sevenvault decided to hold a different event than before – to visit an old folks home and invite influencers to celebrate Christmas with the old folks. Sevenvault successfully raised donations of nearly RM17,000 in this event. More than 10 influencers were also invited to participate in the two-day event such as Cliton Jerome Chua, Siu Lim, Faarain, Jennifer Ling and so on. #TeamSevenvault is very happy to have successfully held a meaningful initiative event to give back to the society. Sevenvault will continue to hold such events in the future.

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