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Currently, something interesting is going on with TikTok. We can observe that Gen Z prioritises inclusivity in their approach to social media content (you can see this in the content posted by skinfluencers and fashion influencers, to name a few). This generation is busy demonstrating how it’s done by making their content accessible by default instead of waiting for social platforms to make themselves more accessible for all audiences.

They don’t need to be told to do it.

Brands must start treating accessibility as the norm if they want to remain relevant to and valued by Gen Z. Because inclusivity is the key.

Accessibility and inclusivity go hand in hand

Finding methods to make content both physically accessible and visibly diverse is necessary for being genuinely inclusive on social media. Access to content AND representation are something that people want.

Gen Z won’t settle for anything less from the brands they support since that is what they expect. This is the modern approach to content diversity; it incorporates representation, accessibility, and includes ALL community voices.

Branded content has to embrace diversity in all its forms to be truly representative and diverse.

Many brands are now actively considering racial diversity thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the body positive movement has highlighted the importance of brands using many body types in their advertising. It’s time to consider alternative representations as well, such as people of different abilities.

Accessibility and representation are intrinsically related; content must be created to unite groups rather than to exclude or degrade individuals. Every single person should recognise themselves in the brand, feel that it is speaking directly to them, and feel that it is approachable.

The result? It makes your brand more human. Putting inclusiveness first paints an image of a company that recognises the value of diverse representation. It shows that the brand’s audience – all of it – is important.

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    Why brands need inclusive content

    Adopting inclusivity and accessibility into your business, procedures, and content is essential, not a nice to have. Consumers want it, and shifting from being a service to a connection is crucial for businesses.

    For Gen Z, inclusivity is the norm. Advice: Spend some time examining the content that Gen Z creates, especially on TikTok. How might this new generation of content creators benefit your brand?

    Your brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity will come to life through inclusive content. You cannot claim to embrace diversity while excluding some groups from your content. As you introduce this style of thinking to your brand, prepare for obstacles. Acknowledge your mistakes swiftly and in public.

    In addition to being morally right, producing inclusive content makes business sense. Can you really afford to not do it?

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