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Sugar and I x Sevenvault
FMCO Collaboration

As Malaysia Covid-19 situation worsen, with government implementation of FMCO (full movement control order), a collaboration of gifting initial by Sevenvault and Sugar and I was discussed and planned to send out signature dessert as a warm hearted regards to influencers during this FMCO period.


89 mentions on Instagram

20,633,812 media reach

1.1k followers increased on Sugar and I Instagram


The collaboration was aimed to create noise and hype for Sevenvault and Sugar and I through massive mentions of influencers tagging on their respective social media as they receive the gifting.

A curated message card was included in the gifting to ensure the influencers feel the sincerity of the gifting move, and being clear on the motive of the gifting, then willingly do a shout-out out of appreciation to both Sevenvault and Sugar and I.


Collaboration with Sevenvault has shown Sugar & I how impactful influencer gifting can be on brand awareness and engagement with brands.


Gifting is a fantastic way for brands to meaningfully and authentically to build relationships with influencers. Gifting gives influencers the freedom to create the content they feel best fits their audience.


Therefore, influencers feel more empower to share honest reviews and opinions with their followers. As a result, all posts are authentic, which in turn boosts engagement rates for the brands.


Personalization of gift encourages positive engagement from influencers.

The brands are highly recommended to package the products in a beautiful box alongside a hand-written note. As this will boost the number of deliverables by each influencers as most of them are excited to unbox the gift box.

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